Any club may sign-up to pay the yearly fee of £10 and become affiliated to the English Powerlifting Association.  Affiliated clubs will receive promotion through this website, our official social media sites and receive a certificate of affiliation.  British Powerlifting members of affiliated clubs will be entitled to 10% off their entry fee for English National Championships. 


Clubs also have the option of becoming 'British Powerlifting Approved'.  Although this process is free, clubs are required to meet a variety of strict criteria before approved status can be achieved.  

English Powerlifting Association Affilated Clubs​

English Powerlifting Divisions
Divisional Map

Click on the picture to view a map of English Divisions within the English Powerlifting Association.

N.B. When signing up, please enter the name of your club in the optional 'Company Name' field.

Current EPA Affiliated Clubs